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G-Biosciences offers a varied selection of bioassays, including:

SAM Methyltransferase Assays
UV or colorimetric, continuous, non-radioactive coupled enzyme assays for the detection of the SAM dependent methylation of proteins, nucleic acids and other biomolecules.

Cell Toxicity & Proliferation Assays
A range of non-radioactive assays for the detection of cell toxicity, cell death and cell proliferation that are ideal for high throughput screening. Each CytoScan™ assay is designed for a microwell format and is suitable for studying chemical and cell-mediated cytotoxicity, viability, death or proliferation.

Apoptosis Assays & Accessories
A range of apoptosis assays based on the quantification of caspases and a selection of recombinant caspases, inhibitors and substrates are offered. A selection of apoptosis inducers are also available.

Protease Assays & Screening Systems
A selection of assays to detect and screen for proteases in biological solutions.

Phosphatase Assays & Accessories
Phosphatase assay for the quantification of phosphatases and three phosphatase inhibitor cocktails to inhibit phosphatases and for phosphatase studies.

PEROXsay™ Peroxide Assay
A quantitative peroxide assay based on the ferrous oxidation-xylenol orange (FOX) assay. A version designed for the quantification of peroxides in the presence of lipids is also available.

Protein Quantification Assays
A large selection of protein quantification assays are offered.


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