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nucleic dotmetric™ assay

NUCLEIC dotMETRIC™ kit provides a quick and accurate method for detecting and measuring DNA, RNA and oligonucleotides. The system uses a unique combination of proprietary reagents and test strips and is an alternative to spectrophotometry as no expensive equipment or cuvettes are necessary. NUCLEIC dotMETRIC™ uses as little as a microliter of your sample and provides permanent results in minutes.

Samples in the range of 10µg/µl to 1ng/µl can be measured accurately regardless of the isolation method or storage buffer. Oligonucleotides as short as 16 bases have successfully been measured with NUCLEIC dotMETRIC™. Measurements are not affected by protein contamination in the sample. The lower detection limit of the system is 1-2ng/µl making NUCLEIC dotMETRIC™ one of the most sensitive methods available for measuring nucleic acidsOnline Store.

Two separate protocols are offered for measuring nucleic acid concentration; either by measuring the diameter of nucleic acid spots or comparing the color density of the nucleic acid spots with that of a set of known standards.

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