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A simple and economical device for a variety of agarose electrophoresis applications. Supplied with agarose gel casting tray, horizontal tank, and optional mini power supply unit (Complete-Electrophore™). Online Store

The ultimate in simplicity and convenience in casting agarose gels. Light-weight and simple to use. The gel casting tray is designed to eliminate the leak problems common with other gel casting trays. The device allows casting of agarose gels in two sizes: two 5 x 8.3cm mini gels and one 10.5 x 8.3cm gel.
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Online StoreGT 250 Power Pack™
A versatile microprocessor power supply unit for vertical and horizontal gel electrophoresis. Programmable power supply has the following features.
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Electroelution of nucleic acids and proteins has many advantages as it avoids centrifugation, vortexing, heating, precipitation and allows minimal manipulation of samples. Electroelution normally involves dialysis tubing, which results in extreme dilution of precious samples.

G-Capsule™ is a simple electroelution device that excises DNA or protein bands and Online Storeelutes your sample in a final volume of ~30µl. G-CAPSULE™ has two parts, G-Pick™ and G-Trap™. The user simplypicks up the protein or nucleic acid band with the G-Pick™ and assembles it with the G-Trap™. The assembled G-CAPSULE™ is submerged in electrophoresis buffer on a horizontal electrophoresis system and the protein or nucleic acid is rapidly eluted into the G-Trap™.
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This kit is based on our GET™ Spin Columns, spin columns with a high binding affinity Order Onlinefor DNA.

GET™ AGAROSE DNA method involves release of nucleic acid fragments from gel pieces followed by capture of nucleic acids on the GET™ Spin Columns, washing, and elution of the clean nucleic acid fragments in a suitable buffer.
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The kit is based on pinkRESIN™, a high capacity, proprietary binding resin matrix for nucleic acids. pinkRESIN™ has an enhanced binding affinity for DNA and RNA and resuspends with ease, thus eliminating loss and damage of nucleic acids, a frequent problem with other binding resin matrices for DNA and RNA isolation. pinkRESIN™ is a non-toxic matrix.

Online StoregeneEXIT™ method involves release of nucleic acid fragments from gel pieces followed by capture of nucleic acids with pinkRESIN™, washing, and elution of the clean nucleic acid fragments in a suitable buffer. The geneEXIT™ method can be carried out with or without the use of spin columns; however, the use of spin columns simplifies the protocols.
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Glow Dyes™
Nucleic acids are routinely visualized on agarose gels with the highly toxic ethidium bromide stain. High concentrations of ethidium bromide are either added to the molten agarose prior to pouring or to a large volume of staining buffer to stain the nucleic acids after electrophoresis. Either method results in a large amount of ethidium bromide to handle and dispose off.

Online StoreGlow Dyes™ have been specifically formulated for nucleic acid electrophoresis and contain an optimized concentration of buffer agents, tracking dyes and ethidium bromide. These loading dyes reduce exposure and many of the problems associated with ethidium bromide use and disposal. Simply add an appropriate volume of Glow Dyes™ to your sample, load the gel and then visualize with UV; no need for additional ethidium bromide staining or addition of ethidium bromide to the agarose.
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A nanogram sensitive silver staining kit that produces crystal clear background and maximal sensitivity needed for critical analysis.

A unique formulation that leaves the background clear and produces sharp images of Online Storeprotein bands. FASTsilver™ detects as little as 1ng BSA protein.

FASTsilver™ does not use the protein modifier glutaraldehyde and therefore allows for the complete recovery of proteins and trypsin digested peptides.

FASTsilver™ also stains nucleic acids and is able to detect as little as 0.3ng.
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