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G-Biosciences has assembled a large collection of rare and hard to obtain tissue samples and cells that covers a wide spectrum of animal and plant kingdoms. The tissue samples include human, primates, rabbit, pig, rat, mouse, frogs, fish, birds, flies, earthworms, bacterial, yeast and various plant tissues. These tissue resources are offered to the research community as tools for protein discovery tasks. We offer these resources as total protein lysates or as premade Western blots, one as well as two dimensional blots.

For more information, read the technical handbook "Protein Discovery":

Protease & Phosphatse Inhibitor HandbookTitle: Protein Discovery
File Type: PDF
Author: G-Biosciences


G-Biosciences offers:

Online StoreGenLysate™ total protein lysates are prepared in a lysis buffer containing a complete protease inhibitor cocktail to inhibit proteolysis. Each lysate lot is tested by electrophoresis and Western blot analysis. The GenLysate™ are offered as a 150μg lyophilized protein per vial and, following reconstitution in DI water, are ready for use.
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Premade Western Blots
The premade blots are prepared with the GenLysate™ and 50μg protein is loaded onto a 4-20% denaturing polyacrylamide gel, along with a prestained molecular weight marker. After the proteins are resolved they are transferred to a PVDF membrane, using G-Biosciences Efficient™ Western Transfer Buffer. The blots are ready to be blocked and probed with the antibodies Online Storeof choice.

Note: We recommend that customers contact our technical department for the latest information on the blots as G-Biosciences reserves the right to change the blot profile due to the availability of GenLysate™
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Custom Blots
G-Biosciences offers a custom blot service. Simply select the lysates of interest from our extensive range of GenLysate™ and contact our customer support for ordering and pricing information.

Premade 2D Western Blots
Ready to screen 2D Western blots from hard to obtain proteins from a range of species and cell types are available. The 2D blots use our GenLysate™, which are prepared using ProteaseArrest™, a highly efficient protease inhibitor cocktail. The GenLysate™ are then subsequently treated with Perfect-FOCUS™ that removes 2D electrophoresis interfering agents and ensures high spot resolution. The clean GenLysate™ are then resolved by isoelectric focusing on pH3-10 IPG strips and then Online Store4-20% SDS-PAGE. The proteins are transferred to PVDF membranes and are supplied ready-to-use for antibody probing.

The regular 2D blots are 7 x 8cm and can be prepared with any of our GenLysate™, however please enquire about different size blots and other specific tissues or protein samples.
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Western ReProbe™
Online StoreWestern ReProbe™ is a single component system, specifically formulated to dissociate and remove antibodies from membrane bound proteins without destroying the antigenic binding affinity and does not use denaturants, SDS or boiling. Western ReProbe™ allows you the ability to reuse your Western blots.
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