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Protein Extraction & Lysis Buffer Systems

A wide selection of protein extraction and lysis buffer systems are offered through G-Biosciences. The range includes products that maintain biological activity of proteins (PE LB™ systems), strong chaotropic extraction buffers that are 2D compatible (FOCUS™ Extraction Buffers) and extraction systems for total proteomes (2D-Xtractâ„¢ and FOCUS™ Proteome kits).

Common lysis buffers (RIPA), extraction tools (grinding resins), enzymes (lysozyme and Zymolyase®), protease and phosphatase inhibitors and other extraction accessories are also offered.

For more information on protein extraction and lysis, read the technical handbook "Sample Preparation: Lysis, Fractionation, Clean-Up & Concentration":

Sample Preparation HandbookTitle: Sample Preparation Handbook
File Type: PDF
Author: G-Biosciences


Protease Inhibitors | Protease Inhibitor Cocktails

A wide range of individual protease inhibitors and protease inhibitor cocktails are available. These include general broad range cocktails, species specific cocktails and cocktails for large sample volumes. More information is available in the Protease Inhibitor section.

For more information on protease or phosphatase inhibitors, read the technical handbook "Protease & Phosphatase Inhibitors, Enzymes & Assays":

Protease & Phosphatse Inhibitor HandbookTitle: Protease & Phosphatase Inhibitors, Enzymes & Assays
File Type: PDF
Author: G-Biosciences


Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktails

G-Biosciences offers three PhosphataseArrest™ phosphatase inhibitor cocktails that are supplied as 100X concentrated solutions and are ready-for-use.

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