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Protease inhibitors are mixed in varying combinations often referred to as protease inhibitor cocktails. Protease inhibitors block the protease enzyme and is often used in HIV research. G-Biosciences offers a wide selection of protease inhibitor cocktails, including ProteaseArrest™, which outperorms tablet format protease inhibitor cocktails.

For more information on protease or phosphatase inhibitors, read the technical handbook "Protease & Phosphatase Inhibitors, Enzymes & Assays":

Protease & Phosphatse Inhibitor HandbookTitle: Protease & Phosphatase Inhibitors, Enzymes & Assays
File Type: PDF
Author: G-Biosciences


ProteaseArrest™ is a general protease inhibitor cocktail solution that is provided as a 100X concentrated, ready-to-use solution. The OneQuant™ ProteaseArrest™ 100X solution format is suitable for small, analytical sample applications. For samples with higher than normal protease levels, the volume of ProteaseArrest™ added can be increased for greater inhibition levels.

The cocktail contains reversible and irreversible inhibitors of serine, cysteine, calpain and metalloproteases.

Order OnlineIn our study, a 1X concentration of ProteaseArrest™ inhibits over 95% of protease activities. The ProteaseArrest™ protease inhibitor cocktails demonstrate great inhibition levels compared to similar protease inhibitor cokctails, including tablet formats.
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G-Biosciences offers the following ProteaseArrest™ line of protease inhibitors:

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