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G-Biosciences offers a comprehensive selection of protein cross linking and modification products as well as related accessories, including:

Online Storeprotein cross-linkers: double do™

A wide selection of homobifunctional and heterobifunctional cross-linking reagents.
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For more information on protein crosslinkers, read the technical handbook "Protein Cross-Linkers":

Protease & Phosphatse Inhibitor HandbookTitle: Protein Cross-Linkers
File Type: PDF
Author: G-Biosciences

Online Storereducing reagents

A wide selection of reducing agents for the reduction of protein disulfide bonds.
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Online Storealkylating reagents

A selection of products for the alkylation of thiol groups to prevent disulfide formation.
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Online Storeprotein cleavage

A selection of proteases and chemicals used to study protein interactions.
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Online Storeiodination reagents

To aid in the labeling of proteins with 125Iodine.
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Online Storeamino acid side chain modifiers

A range of chemicals that modify amino acid side chains to block side chain interactions, change the charge or modify them to be more favorable for other reactions.
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Online Storedenaturants

A selection of strong chemicals to aid in the denaturation of proteins.
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Online StoreAccessories

A range of products to aid in protein modification reactions, including mini dialysis chambers, clean-up columns, reaction buffers and solvents.
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