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Protein Folding is the physical process by which a polypeptide folds into its characteristic and functional three-dimensional structure. Solubilization is the use of a detergent or other agent to make a substance more soluble.

G-Biosciences can provide your facility with all the products necessary for Inclusion Bodies Solubilization and Protein Folding, including:

ibs™ buffer

Inclusion Bodies Solubilization Buffers

The IBS™ buffer is specifically developed for solubilization of inclusion bodies.

Online StoreSimple to use protocol as inclusion bodies are suspended in IBS™Buffer, where they readily dissolve releasing the proteins of interest. Once the inclusion bodies are solubilized, the sample is ready for further analysis and other downstream application.
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ibs-hp™ buffer

Solubilization of Hydrophobic Proteins from Inclusion Bodies

Online StoreIBS-HP™ Buffer is used for the solubilization of inclusion bodies containing highly hydrophobic proteins. The IBS-HP™ Buffer contains optimized concentration of SDS, a buffering agent and urea. After solubilization of inclusion bodies, free SDS may be quenched or removed by competing with a non-ionic detergent.
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For Optimization of Protein Folding Procedures

When recombinant proteins form inclusion bodies they cannot be used until the proteins in the inclusion bodies are solubilized in strong denaturing agents and then allowed to correctly fold into biologically active forms. Developing a folding protocol often requires a great deal of scientific literature research and experimentation.

Online StoreThe PROTEIN-Foldase™ kit is designed to simplify the optimization of protein folding procedures. This kit is based on a proprietary combination of denaturing agents for solubilization of inclusion bodies and the folding protocol based on rapid dilution of denatured protein into proprietary folding mixes.
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