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focus™ proteasearrest™

A 2D electrophoresis & mass spectrometry compatible protease inhibitor cocktail.

FOCUS™ ProteaseArrest™ is a ready-to-use, 100X concentrated, broad range protease inhibitor cocktail that is fully compatible with 2D electrophoresis and subsequent mass spectrometry.

The protease inhibitor cocktail contains reversible and irreversible inhibitors of serine, cycteine, calpain and metallo-proteases. Due to the optimized concentration of the various inhibitors, the FOCUS™ ProteaseArrest™ shows excellent inhibition of protease activities and is therefore suitable for the protection of protein samples from animal tissues, plants, yeast and bacteria.

FOCUS™ ProteaseArrest™ is compatible with 2D electrophoresis as it uses an alternative to EDTA as an inhibitor of metalloproteases. The absence of EDTA allows for optimal action of nucleases for removing nucleic acids from the samples. In addition, FOCUS™ ProteaseArrest™ uses PMSF as its primary serine protease inhibitor as opposed to the commonly used Pefabloc®.

Pefabloc® has been reported to modify proteins at high concentrations and result in artifacts in subsequent 2D electrophoresis and mass spectrometry.

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