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A selection of specific proteases are available that are designed for use in peptide fragmentation for mass spectronmetry analysis or protein sequencing. G-Biosciences offers the following proteases:

Online StoreA highly stable masss spectrometry grade trypsin. MSG-Trypsin™ was stored at -20º C, -70º C and room temperature for six months and then resuspended and analyzed by SDS-PAGE and stained with FOCUS FastSilver™. Compared with a competitor's trypsin, only the MSG-Trypsin™ stored at room temperature and the competitor's trypsin showed degradation products.
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For the specific hydrolysis of the carboxy peptide bond of arginine for protein sequencing.
SG-Arginine-C™ Product Details | Order Online

Online StoreSG-Aspartic-N™
For the hydrolysis of peptide bonds on the N-terminal side of aspartic acid and cysteine residues for protein sequencing.
SG-Aspartic-N™ Product Details | Order Online

For the hydrolysis of peptide bonds on the carboxy side of tyrosine, phenylalanine and tryptophan for protein sequencing.
SG-Chymotrypsin™ Product Details | Order Online

Cleaves peptide bonds at the carboxy side of lysine for protein sequencing.
Online StoreSG-Lysine-C™ Product Details | Order Online

Cleaves peptide bonds at the carboxy side of either aspartic of glutamic acide for protein sequencing.
SG-Glutamic-C™ Product Details | Order Online

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