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G-Biosciences offers a range of detergent removal systems that use either a rapid column based system or a precipitation system.

Rapid Column Based Protocol
A one step, column based system for removing free detergent from protein solutions in under 10 minutes. Protein solutions containing detergent are loaded onto a DetergentOUTâ„¢ column and spun to elute the detergent free protein solution. Protein recovery is generally >95%, however, when used for highly hydrophobic proteins, depending on their hydrophobicity, some protein may be lost due to the interaction with the column matrix. For removal of detergents from hydrophobic proteins, use of OrgoSol-Detergent-OUTâ„¢ is recommended.

Online StoreThe Detergent-OUT™ products are designed to remove a wide variety of detergents, including:

The Detergent-OUT™ products are suitable for removing detergent from all types of protein solutions, including hydrophobic protein solutions.
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