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G-Biosciences offers a specific electrophoresis sample preparation kit for your specific needs.

Total Protein Extraction (TPE™)
A kit for extraction of total protein from cells and tissues for SDS-PAGE Analysis.

Universal lysis system for the solubilization of total proteins from animal, plant, yeast, bacteria, and other biological samples. Samples are ground in the buffer provided and then heated to solubilize the total protein.

The TPE™ kit provides a two component protocol that eliminates clump formation, protein loss, and other problems associated with total protein extraction procedures. The TPE™ kit is based on optimized concentration of Tris and SDS and is suitable for running denaturing electrophoresis and other downstream applications.


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Remove electrophoretic contaminants for improved protein resolution & publication quality gels. Ideal for difficult or dilute samples.

Many lysis buffers and reagents used in sample preparation are incompatible with routinely used electrophoretic analysis. The presence of contaminants, or interfering agents, such as salts, acids, bases and detergents, result in band distortion and poor protein resolution. As a result, SDS-PAGE gels are hard to analyze and lack reproducibility.

PAGE-Perfect™ is a simple, two-step method for concentrating, cleaning and preparing protein solutions for running publication quality gels. Treat (1-100µl) protein solution with Universal Protein Precipitation Agent (UPPA™), which results in quantitative precipitation of the protein solution. Protein precipitation is not affected Online Storeby the presence of detergents, chaotropes, or other common laboratory agents. The protein precipitate is collected by centrifugation and washed to remove any interfering agents such as detergents, salts, lipids, and other laboratory agents. Suspend the precipitate in the sample-loading buffer for loading on the gel for electrophoresis.

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