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contamination removal systems

G-Biosciencs offers a variety of contamination removal systems developed for specific functions.

Spin-OUT™ Columns
For Removing Contamination from Protein & Nucleic Acid Samples

Online StoreSpin-OUT™ columns are spin format desalting columns that have the ability to remove:

The samples are added to the column and spun briefly to collect clean samples for further downstream processes. The Spin-OUT™ columns are supplied in two sizes.
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Desalting Columns
Online StoreDeSalting Columns are ready-to-us disposable columns for separating macromolecules, i.e. proteins, from low molecular weight buffer salts and reagents. Molecules greater than 5kDa would be exchanged into the desired buffer. The DeSalting columns display excellent chromatographic properties, easy to use and provide excellent sample recoveries (>90%). The columns are designed to process ~0.2ml at one time.
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detergent removal systems

G-Biosciences offers a range of detergent removal systems that use either a rapid column based system or a precipitation system.

Rapid Column Based Protocol
A one step, column based system for removing free detergent from protein solutions in under 10 minutes. Protein solutions containing detergent are loaded onto a DetergentOUT™ column and spun to elute the detergent free protein solution. Protein recovery is generally >95%, however, when used for highly hydrophobic proteins, depending on their hydrophobicity, some protein may be lost due to the interaction with the column matrix. For removal of detergents from hydrophobic proteins, use of OrgoSol-Detergent-OUT™ is recommended.

The Detergent-OUT™ products are designed to remove a wide variety of detergents, including:

The Detergent-OUT™ products are suitable for removing detergent from all types of protein solutions, including hydrophobic protein solutions.
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electrophoresis clean-up systems

G-Biosciences offers two specialized electrophoresis clean up systems that remove electrophoretic interfering agents prior to 1D and 2D gel electrophoresis.

Online StorePAGE-Perfect™ is designed for the purification of samples for 1D electrophoresis and removes numerous interfering agents, including detergents, chaotropes, salts, sugars and reducing agents. For high resolution, publication quality gels, we recommend using PAGE-Perfect™.
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Online StorePerfect-FOCUS™ is designed for the removal of agents that interfere with 2D electrophoresis, including detergents, salts, chelators, chaotropes and reducing agents. The resulting samples have low conductivity and product significantly improved protein spot resolution.
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